Monday, July 11, 2005

Green economics in bookshop windows

First, if you want to read about the book, go to Archives, then click on June. It is just that at the moment I have limited skills writing this website and I don't want to frustrate first time users who don't want to see a whole lot of photos of my booklaunch but want to find out about the book. OK, yesterday I discovered that Bennetts Government Bookshop has my book in the window. Bennetts is right near Parllament so all the government servants and politicians and lobbyists use it a lot, as they sell Hansard there and political books. This means green monetary reform is in the news. I had to order more books today as I have sold 50 already and the publicity has barely begun. I am off to a conference in Nighthawk, Colorado on 27th July and will be away for three weeks.

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