Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Book launched in Christchurch, AGM of Living Economies

Well I have just returned from a trip to Christchurch. Not only did we have another successful occasion where my book was launched but we had two excellent days of the Living Economies AGM. See www.le.org.nz for Living Economies. We have a new person on our board Carolyn Hughes and that is great as she is good value. She is a member of the Motueka Green Dollar group and has read my book. She has business background, particularly trade. And we had a student from Dunedin who is wanting to start a 'scarfie dollar.' We discussed his proposals and gave him advice. However right now most people are fairly preoccupied with the General Election and the results will be known on Saturday. The book launch was at Environment Canterbury, part of the offices of the Regional Council there and attracted almost as many people as the Waikanae one. Several bought the book. I also went out to breakfast with my sister Jill and present at the cafe was a university lecturer and Green Party campaigner who was interested. All sorts of people will read it. And I had an interview with Liz Griffiths who with two others does a radio programme on Plains FM called Earthwatch. It will be on at 10pm on a Wednesday night.

I also have an appointment in November with the marketing manager of the University of New South Wales bookshop. He sells books to sustainability courses.

I am going out to dinner tonight and the host, Souith African Yaj Chetty, has asked me to bring a copy of my book to sell to one of his friends. That is great now that people have read and can recommend the book. I had a lovely email from Miguel Hirota in Japan today. He has just written a book on money too.

He said:
" I'm not sure whether you have already received some feedback from your readers or not, but I find your book to be quite important for the development of complementary currencies in the world. I hope to have more chances to work for this purpose..."

Monday, September 05, 2005

Feedback from a LETS activist

It is great to hear that so many New Zealand LETS schemes are now going online and otherwise improving the functioning of their systems. I talked to a Wanganui activist recently who was very enthusiastic. And here is feedback from someone in LETS who has read the book. With two time dollar systems starting in Christchurch, things are really looking up.

“I’m finding Deirdre’s book thorough and enlightening. I’m learning heaps! Before this my understanding of economies was minimal. Congratulations on a thorough work.”

Ron Sharp
LETS activist, Riwaka, Motueka

Speech made by Helen Dew at the launch of the book

HMHP Launch speech – Helen Dew – 09.07.05

Deirdre, when one considers your background in maths and your fascination with figures it’s hardly surprising that you’d write a book about money!

The merging of this interest with your long standing commitment to environmental and social issues, as well as your tendency to question commonly held assumptions, have underpinned your determination to look beyond symptoms of dysfunctional systems to their root causes.

In the course of your very thorough research for HMHP you have gained considerable co-operation from an impressive network in the monetary reform community.

Through your dedication to learning and writing you have gained the well earned respect of many at the forefront of the currency movement, amply demonstrated by the very positive comments about HMHP already made by national and international authorities. NZ’s Prue Hyman said that your book “should be read by everyone concerned about social justice and the survival of the planet and humanity.”

I also quote Margrit Kennedy, whose 2001 visit to NZ inspired you to focus on this most important work: the transformation of the money system, to enable exchange systems that work positively for people and planet. In her message of congratulations to you Margrit wrote: “Deirdre’s book is ‘economics for everyone’ in the very best sense”

In Healthy Money, Healthy Planet you have explained in clear and convincing manner the inescapable connection between the design of the money system and intolerable pressures being placed on the environment and society.

In his forthcoming report to the Club of Rome, member Stefan Brunnhuber says “The money system is the most overlooked topic within the sustainability debate.”

I believe that HMHP will not only make a powerful contribution to increased monetary literacy, but by your comprehensive coverage of creative and tested exchange options you will also engender among your readers hope for a secure and sustainable future for generations to come, and access to the tools to make this possible.

Deirdre, getting HMHP published has taken skill, determination, commitment and courage! You can take pride in having created a reliable and vital resource in the drive for necessary re-localisation as communities grapple with the effects of ‘peak oil’.

I congratulate you and all who have contributed to the creation of this most important book, and now take great pleasure in declaring HMHP launched.

Deirdre, I sincerely trust that your book will prove to be a significant catalyst towards a paradigm shift in thought, action and outcome in the economic, environmental and social realm in New Zealand and beyond, translating the title of your book into reality!

Here’s to Deirdre, and to the success of Healthy Money, Healthy Planet!

Comment from a Democrat

Having read the 1st three Chapters of 'Healthy Money, Healthy Planet' by Deirdre Kent which I bought at Conference, I urge all members to buy a copy and pass it on to a couple of vulnerable voters with time to read at least a few chapters before the election.

This looks like being the best exposition of the defects in the present monetary system, and the solution to the problems, that I have read. It's readable, far more accessible to the average reader than Rowbotham's book and centred on NZ with plenty of complimentary references to the Democrats.

Allen Cookson
Oxford Canterbury

And later....John and I would like to wholeheartedly endorse that, having also got a third the way through Deirdre's book (we take turns). It's readable, direct and clear.

We plan to pass it on as soon as we have finished it. Definitely get a copy if you can.