Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Books going to Whitcoulls July 7

Good news today. Whitcoulls has ordered and Bennetts, the Whitcoulls Government Bookshop on the corner of Lambton Quay and Bowen Street has ordered a lot. They will be in there on July 7 so after that the books will go out for publicity and review purposes. Helen Dew of Living Economies says she is selling steadily too. And my launch will be at our home on July 9, so I now need to prepare for this.

Meanwhile the local currencies conference which was to have been held in Denver 1-5 August has been postponed due to the illhealth of the organiser. Fortunately others have scheduled one for the few days beforehand at Louisville, Colorado. I will be going to that!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Cover of the book

The Cover of the book
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In case you can't read it, the subtitle is Developing Sustainability Through New Money Systems.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Deirdre Kent

Deirdre Kent
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How to order the book

You can either buy the book from the organisation of which I am a trustee, Living Economies or from Craig Potton Publishing. If you live overseas it would be easier to use the publisher's website.

Comment from Hazel Henderson

A clear well-researched analysis of the dysfunctionality of our crisis-prone money systems. A wide array of case studies and viable options for reform are presented from global to local. Kent has provided a multi-disciplinary roadmap for shaping healthy, homegrown economies linked worldwide by a financial architecture based on principles of fairness, diveristy, social and ecological sustainability.

HAZEL HENDERSON, author of Building a Win-Win World and Paradigms in ProgressTEXT

Comment from Richard Douthwaite

This is the most comprehensive book on community banks and complementary currency systems I know. Not only that – it is packed with fascinating information and is a delight to read.

RICHARD DOUTHWAITE, author of Short Circuitand The Growth Illusion

Comment from Stefan Brunnhuber

Congratulations! The money system is the most overlooked topic within the sustainability debate. This book is right in line with our argument which is going to be published as a Club of Rome report, 2005.

STEFAN BRUNNHUBER, psychiatrist and economist, co-author with Bernard Lietaer of Our Future Economy

Comment from Prue Hyman

Deirdre Kent's book should be read by everyone concerned about social justice and the survival of the planet and humanity. It particularly indicts the orthodox and 'sick' monetary system as responsible for much of the failure of the world economy to deliver decent living standards to all and advocates 'healthy' and varied local currencies. Full of fascinating histories of earlier and current alternative money systems in New Zealand and elswhere, it is a compelling read.

PRUE HYMAN, Victoria University feminist economist

Comment from Margrit Kennedy

Deirdre Kent in this powerful book provides a much-needed overview and critical evaluation of the reasons for changing our monetary beliefs and the theoretical as well as practical solutions which exist on a global scale. Without losing clarity and simplicity necessary to reach the layperson she has been able to include the complex issues surrounding the topic of money often ignored by the experts. This book is truly worthwhile reading for everybody who finally wants to understand contradictory developments caused by our moonetary system. It is 'economics for everyone' in the very best sense.

MARGRIT KENNEDY, author of Interest and Inflation free Money.

What people are saying about the book

Beautifully done!! It is without question a very important piece of work that will help enormously in community sustainability.

ELIZABET SAHTOURIS PhD, author of Living Systems in Evolution

Deirdre Kent's book shoudl be read by everyone concerned about social justice and the survival of the planet and humanit.

Victoria University feminist economist

This is the most comprehensive book on community banks and complementary currency systems I know. Not only that - it is packed with fascinating information and a delight to read.

Author of Short CircuitandThe Growth Illusion.

Healthy Money Healthy Planet

Healthy Money Healthy Planet: Developing Sustainability through New Money Systems, by Deirdre Kent. Published by Craig Potton publishing June 2005.

Healthy Money Healthy Planet offers some solutions to a range of environmental and social problems throughout the world. The pressure for continuing economic growth has caused widespread environmental damage from overuse of natural resources and destruction of habitats. Social problems are created by rapidly increasing debt in the form of mortgages, credit cards and student loans, and the concentration of wealth and power.

Deirdre Kent mainatains that many of these probemes result from the creation of most of the country's money by private banks as interest-bearing debt, and that some central bankers, economists and politicians appear to be keeping the public in ignorance about the origins of money.

In order to reverse this trend and help develop more sustainable communities, Healthy Money Healthy Planet looks at complementary economies and monetary systems which have been tried in various countries, including New Zealand, and suggests how they could be implemented in the future. These include changes to the taxation system, community banking, commercial barter, voucher schemes and currencies with a circulation incentive.

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