Sunday, July 10, 2005

Book launch very successful

What a wonderful celebration day, at our place in Waikanae. The photos tell the story. A book which took from 1997 when it was first dreamed up, 1999 when I put my computer down in a cold basement garage in Highbury, Wellington and dressed myself in hat, mittens, thick socks, big slippers and covered myself with a rug. I worked like this all winter until we had an office built upstairs. Then for four more years till publication. My friends and colleagues were delighted that it has come to fruition. MC at the event was my partner Malcolm Murchie, who drew attention to several published authors in the room and spoke of my persistence in the task. Helen Dew of Living Economies formally launched the book into the world. The contents of her speech are in a separate posting. Then my sister Rachel McAlpine, who has taught and published on writing and has just published her fourth novel, spoke of the way I had taken advice on writing and of the difficulty of getting a book published, as she advises many in this sometimes fruitless pursuit. Prue Hyman, the feminist economist who commends the book, spoke of its significance for those who want social justice. Family and friends enjoyed this occasion and made me feel proud, as the photos show. It was a great opportunity to thank all those who had supported me. I am running out of books to sell and must order more. I never dreamt I would sell 50 so quickly.

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