Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Review from Italy

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Just when you thought you knew about how to save civilisation through turning off lights using public transport of driving less, Deirdre Kent confronts us with an unpalatable truth. The world's money system is designed so that the money supply and hence the size of the global economy must keep on increasing exponentially or it will collapse.

"Sometimes I wish I didn't know about the money system and I could put my knowledge back in the bottle and screw the lid on" said Deirdre Kent. "It is so frustrating to watch top environmentalists describe the mess we have all got into with runaway climate change and a world blind to the bombshell of peak oil when I know that it is the money system which demands economic growth. Why else would politiicians, journalists and economist all advocate economic growth for the last four decades of environmental decay and noone connect the dots?'

Kent's book is one of many on the money system, books that are rarely read because people think they can't understand economics. However this book is clear and easy to read as many reviewers have discovered.

Kent spends a third of the book explaining how the current money system is sick and the rest describing the huge array of local currencies available currencies which are created without interest.

The reviews of her book include Management Magazine, who say "Deirdre Kent, previously the tenacious leader of the country's anti-smoking lobby, has written an impeccably researched book that deserves to be read. It discusses, in an agreeably jargon-free and readable fashion, how the current system works, or doesn't."

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