Sunday, December 18, 2005

More people give positive feedback

I have received a Christmas card from Sue Kedgley , Green MP, with the words "Great book
Deirdre". Then yesterday I saw Emily Williams at a party who said she had read it now
as well as Gary and she could understand it all and very much liked it. She was surprised she had enjoyed a book on economics so much. Then last night there was a phone call from a Democrat friend of Malcolm's in Oamaru
who was just delighted, couldn't believe Malcolm's partner was 'so

So that's good. It is nice to have all those comments come back personally.


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Nate Cull said...

You might want to clear out the spam comments like the last two ('mortgage center' and 'health information')...

Just finished the book (picked it up in Madras Cafe Bookshop) and loved it. I've read Geoff Davies' 'Economia' which was very similar but I particularly liked your detailed focus on actual examples of complementary currencies with their upsides and downsides and your non-political approach.

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